General Terms and Conditions

1. Purpose

These General Terms and Conditions govern all terms of presentation of the Products and their prices, as well as their viewing by Users.


The Products are sold to Users through distance selling by the company GLOBAL-e via the Website.


The products defined in Article 2 herein are supplied by the company:


registered under no. 493 983 431 RCS SAINT MALO,
with its registered office at 10 Impasse du Grand jardin, ZAC de la Moinerie, 35400 SAINT MALO,
and its main establishment at 61-69 rue de Bercy, 75012 PARIS

Telephone: 33 (0) (cost of a local call in mainland France, guideline price from a landline which may vary by operator; for users outside of mainland France, cost at the rates applied by the local operators). All contact will be made in the French language.

Contact form: available here.

(hereinafter referred to as CAFAN).


The “User” means any adult, or any minor with the agreement of his or her legal representative, visiting or purchasing on the Website.


The User and CAFAN agree that their relations will be governed exclusively by these General Terms and Conditions, which shall apply to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions or contract.


CAFAN reserves the right to adapt or amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time. In case of change, the applicable General Terms and Conditions shall be those online on the date of ordering.


CAFAN informs the User that it has entered into a partnership with GLOBAL-e FRANCE SAS in order to expand its sales internationally. The steps linked to the process and confirmation of the order shall thus be undertaken with GLOBAL-e, which will then become the official seller for the User once the internet sale is made, with CAFAN acting in the capacity of supplier of the Products.


For all contracts of sale of CAFAN Products on the Website, the seller will therefore be GLOBAL-e, which shall receive payment from the User and deliver the orders via its approved carriers.


The User can find the Terms and Conditions of Sale of GLOBAL-e, here.


2. Products

The “Products” are the ready-to-wear clothing and accessories presented on the Website with a view to their marketing to Users.

The Products are presented on the Website subject to availability.

CAFAN shall make every effort to update its stocks. In case of unavailability of an item, CAFAN shall do everything necessary to remove it from the Website. When an item is not available in a given size, it may not be selected by the User. In any event CAFAN reserves the right to withdraw any Product from the Website at any time and/or to replace it and/or to adapt or modify any related content or information on the Website.

The Products offered on the Website are described and presented with the greatest possible accuracy. For each Product, an information sheet is available on the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Information Sheet”).

The Information Sheet notably contains the specifications of the Product selected, and specifically, regarding ready-to-wear clothing: the sizes, the different colours available, the Product availability, the composition, the laundry instructions, the price (tax-inclusive unit price, total discount if the Product is covered by a commercial offer, and where applicable the tax-inclusive total price after discount).

Notably because of its own suppliers, CAFAN may however provide the User with Products of a slightly different composition to that described on the Website, but in any event of equal or greater quality than the Product ordered.


3. Price

The price payable by the User for the Product is that communicated on the Website when the order is confirmed by the User and communicated in the Confirmation of Order.

The price of the Products, in Euros or foreign currency, the taxes, and the delivery costs, will be billed by GLOBAL-e upon submitting the order. Users can read the terms and conditions of sale of GLOBAL-e here.

4. Identification upon submitting an order on the website

4.1 Creation of a customer account


To submit an order on the Website, you must create a customer account under the following conditions:


On the dedicated page, you must complete all fields marked with an asterisk, and notably: title, surname and forename, email address.


You undertake to complete the profile with accurate and up-to-date information, and discharge CAFAN from any liability owing to the inaccuracy of your information communicated upon creating your customer account.


You must confirm the creation of your customer account by registering and confirming a password, which you undertake to keep secret.


You acknowledge that the customer account is used under your entire responsibility.


You undertake to inform CAFAN of any theft of your password and/or your customer account.



4.2. Cookies identifying the User via the customer account


To facilitate your identification by the simultaneous entry of the email address and password, you expressly authorise CAFAN to place a “Cookie” on your hard drive, with the aim of facilitating your identification for the purposes of processing your orders and receiving anonymous information about your search activities on the Website. This information will be kept for a maximum of 1 (one) year.


You have the option of refusing Cookies on the Website without this preventing you from submitting your order.


These data will be processed in compliance with Article 5 “Data Protection Charter and Cookie Policy”


You can find this information in the “My Account” or equivalent section of the Website. You can also obtain order tracking information in that section.

5. Data protection charter and cookie policy

The Data Protection Policy is available here 


The Cookie Policy is available here

6. Intellectual Property

CAFAN is the proprietor of all elements constituting the Website, and notably the rights over the texts, the general architecture, the animated or non-animated images, the graphics and the sounds.

It is illegal to make representation or reproduction, whole or partial, without the consent of CAFAN. The same applies for the translation, adaptation or conversion, arrangement or reproduction through an art or any method.

Breach of this clause constitutes infringement liable to entail legal proceedings in compliance with the legal provisions in force in the country where the breach was committed.

The brands distributed by CAFAN are registered trademarks. The reproduction, imitation, use, position, deletion or modification of a registered trademark constitutes infringement also liable to entail legal proceedings in compliance with the legal provisions in force in the country where the breach was committed.

Use of the Website by the User does not confer any intellectual property right over the Website and/or its content.

No provision of these General Terms and Conditions may be interpreted as conferring on the User any right of any nature over the elements protected by intellectual property of which CAFAN may have ownership or the exclusive right of exploitation.

Users using the Website for personal reasons and wishing to place a link on their website linking directly to the Website must seek the prior written permission of CAFAN.

In any event, any link not expressly permitted must be removed on the simple request of CAFAN.

7. Entire contract clause

These General Terms and Conditions entered into between CAFAN and the User express all rights and obligations of the Parties.

If a particular provision of these General Terms and Conditions was held to be invalid or declared as such by a decision of a competent court having obtained authority of res judicata, or if one of the clauses of these General Terms and Conditions was considered invalid and void through a change of legislation or regulation, the other stipulations shall retain all their strength and their scope. This may not under any circumstances affect the validity of and respect for the other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions.