My Account Space Terms and Conditions

1. Purpose

We are delighted to provide you with a “customer space” accessible from our website.

This document has the purpose of defining the terms and conditions of use of the customer space.

2. Definitions

For better understanding of these terms and conditions of the customer space, the following definitions apply:

- “Customer”: any person having created an account enabling access to the customer space, whether or not they make purchases, online or in-store;

- “Customer space”: the individual space reserved for customers and accessible from the website providing access to information and additional services;

- “Services”: any service offered to the customer from the customer space

3. Duration

These terms and conditions shall take effect from the time you accept them and until you close your account. We reserve the right to close your account in case of inactivity.

4. Enforceability

This document is specific to the customer space and cannot have the effect or the purpose of restricting or replacing other documents, such as our information notices, terms and conditions of sale, data protection policy and cookie policy.

We reserve the right to make all necessary changes to these terms and conditions as the Customer space evolves. The up-to-date version of these terms and conditions enforceable on users is that accessible on the day you access the customer space.

5. Registration for the customer space

To open your customer space, you must register. It’s easy to do, but be careful to enter your information correctly. Some information is mandatory. The registration procedure is as follows:

- Step 1: enter the necessary information;

- Step 2: accept these terms and conditions;

- Step 3: receive a confirmation email.

6. Access and use

Use of the customer space is strictly personal. It is reserved for you as Customer.

We reserve the right to enhance this customer space with new functions and to withdraw existing functions.

We will endeavour to ensure that this space is constantly accessible, but cannot guarantee it.

7. Identifiers

Your security is our priority.

Access to your account is secure. You must choose a password containing:

• at least 8 characters

• at least one upper case letter and one lower case letter

• at least one number

• at least one special character, for example: @/?!;$+=

Access to the customer space requires the use of your email address (or loyalty number) and password.

This code is yours. Look after it, and take appropriate action if it is compromised.

There is a function available online if you forget your password.

8. Closure of the customer space

You can close your account at any time by going to your customer space.

We reserve the right to close an inactive account or to close the whole of the My Account space.

9. Agreement on proof

The login data, logs and other technical data are considered by the parties to have evidentiary value. This provision must be considered as an agreement on proof.

10. Personal data and cookies

These terms and conditions fall within the scope of our Data Protection Policy accessible here and our Cookie Policy accessible here.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by French law.

The French courts have jurisdiction to hear any dispute linked to these terms and conditions.